Have the Life You Deserve

Matt Promo WebsiteAre alcohol and drugs ruling — or even ruining — your life? Are you looking good on the outside (or maybe you just think you are), but on the inside, addiction is eating away at you? Or are you already clean and sober, but struggling to stay that way?

I used to be where you are, and I found my way out. Now as a professional recovery coach, my life’s work is to help you find sobriety, and take back your power and your life. I will walk with you through every day of your early recovery, or support you in staying addiction-free for the long term. Think you’re “terminally unique,” and no one can help you? That’s your addict talking! I have the training, certification, tools, and the hard-won personal experience to help you trade in guilt and shame for hope and healing. Your future is spotless — and together, you and I will claim it!

I offer individual coaching — in person and by phone, consultation with families, and intervention planning and facilitation. Working with me, my clients learn survival strategies, make healthier choices, and acquire coping skills.

Are you ready to find serenity, fulfillment, and discover a path for living that will allow you to navigate the difficult terrain of family, work, and life? Contact me now to find out more.