Are you ready to find serenity, fulfillment, and discover a path for living that will allow you to navigate the difficult terrain of family, work, and life? I help alcoholics and addicts of all types to find sobriety, and take back your power and your life.

I offer individual coaching — in person and by phone, consultation with families, and intervention planning and facilitation. If you choose to do this work, you will develop new skills, coping mechanisms, and opportunities to thrive. You will become an extraordinary person of value.

In our work together, you will:

  • Discover how to develop the inner wisdom that leads to sobriety and serenity.
  • Absorb new ways to find peace and inner strength through enriching, confident strategies.
  • Learn to trust your own judgment, doing the estimable acts required for inner peace.
  • Work with both the positive and negative stress we all experience, and learn to tell the difference between a bump in the road — and the end of the road.
  • Understand how to release the shame that causes your best efforts to have diminished returns.
  • Find gratitude for what you have and realize the grass is pretty green right here, right now.
  • Experience complete forgiveness; build trust, and develop the serenity that comes from always doing your best.

Addiction is a mindset that preempts all other skills for living. You have trained yourself to respond to the desire for immediate gratification and convenience. Working together, we will replace addictive thinking with relief. We will heal every cell, fiber, and tissue that has adjusted itself to the demands of drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, or anger.

The truth is, you have all the knowledge, answers, skills, and ability within you right now. With my skillful tutelage, professional education, and hard-won street smarts, we will cut through what doesn’t work and stay on task.

I have walked this walk with others. Now, I will walk it with you. This is our journey, and it begins with your first steps.

Contact me and let’s get started.