More about Interventions

An intervention is the time and place when you make a formal request of your loved one — the addict or alcoholic — to enter treatment. When I facilitate an intervention, here is what I do:

  • Bring my 16 years of counseling experience, formal education, training, and hard-won daily victory over almost 30 years of addiction and homelessness –- directly to your family.
  • Consult with you on your specific situation and how to conduct a successful intervention.
  • Assist you with bringing on board all relevant family members and other important people affected.
  • Meet with you and your intervention team — family members and others — to prepare everyone for the intervention, assign roles, set boundaries, and make decisions about where the addict/alcoholic will go when the intervention concludes. This meeting typically takes a full day.
  • Facilitate the intervention itself, allowing everyone to be heard, mediating the choice-making process, and bringing forth the creation of a treatment plan that works for everyone, including the addict/alcoholic.
  • If you choose, escort the addict/alcoholic to a treatment facility.
  • Follow up with your intervention team to resolve any outstanding issues, and if needed, discuss other services the family might need.

My commitment in an intervention is to ensure that the addict/alcoholic has the best possible opportunity to see the impact of their behavior and choose the option of entering treatment, while providing safety for all parties.


  • $1200 in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • $1500 outside the San Francisco Bay Area plus travel expenses